general information



The course #1 to #3 have been accredited by the UEMS EACCME.

Accreditation to the Austrian DFP has been approved.



The course certificates will be available at the end of the event at the welcome desk.


Intellectual property

Event materials, presentations, and case studies are the intellectual property of the event faculty. All rights are reserved. Recording, photographing, or copying of lectures, practical exercises, case discussions, or any event materials is absolutely forbidden. The ECFOS reserves the right to film, photograph, and audio record during their events. Participants must understand that in this context they may appear in these recorded materials. The ECFOS committee assumes participants agree that these recorded materials may be used for marketing and other purposes, and made available to the public.



There will be a security check at the entrance of the operating room. Wearing of a name tag is compulsory during lectures, practical and theoretical exercises.


No insurance

The event organization does not take out insurance to cover any individual against accidents, thefts or other risks.


Mobile phone use

Mobile phone use is not allowed in the lecture halls and in other rooms (operating theatre) during educational activities. Please be considerate of others by turning off your mobile phone.


Dress code

Warm clothes and suitable shoes are advisable. Check the temperatures and the weather conditions prior to arrival.


Event language