#3: orthognathic Surgery

Principles of Orthognathic Surgery - from 2D and 3D Planning to Surgery

November 22nd-27th 2021


European College of Facial and Oral Surgery

Feldkirch, Austria


Overview of the course

This course has two parts: the first part is a theoretical course where the faculties give the participants an overview of orthognathic surgery. The lectures will be hold during the week. The goal is to guide the participants step by step through the complete process of facial and occlusal analysis, 2D and 3D cephalometric planning, model simulation on an articulator as well as the virtual planning of orthognathic cases. 2D and 3D planning will be demonstrated on two different planning tools (Dolphin® Imaging and IPS CaseDesigner®) with all steps including model and facial scanning until to the process of developing a CAD/CAM splint.


The second part is a practical course where the participants learn all steps of 2D and 3D planning on individual cases with these software programs. The participants have a high grade of interaction and can assist and learn from live surgeries.


After this course the participants should be able to plan and treat patients with dentofacial deformities. In the end of the course the participants receive a certificate from the European College of Facial and Oral Surgery.



  • basic principles of orthognathic surgery
  • diagnosis of dentofacial deformities
  • facial and occlusal analysis
  • TMJ related problems
  • cephalometric evaluation
  • principles of planning orthognathic patients
  • orthodontic treatment before and after orthognathic surgery
  • 2D and 3D planning of orthognathic surgery
  • maxillary and mandibular surgery
  • treatment of transverse deficiencies in the upper and lower jaw